Darling River Eco-Corridor Projects

Darling River Eco-Corridor Projects


  • ACCUs
  • 200,000 tonnes CO2-e per annum
  • Clean Energy Regulator and Private Market
  • New South Wales and Queensland
  • GreenCollar (Terra Carbon)
  • GreenCollar (Terra Carbon)
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About the Project

The suite of Darling River Eco-Corridor carbon projects covers over 150,000 hectares of rural land throughout North-Western New South Wales and South West Queensland. The projects aim to protect and regenerate forest on properties in the upper catchments of the Darling River which supports a unique and fragile ecosystem. GreenCollar (through its subsidiary, Terra Carbon) is working with local landholders and graziers to implement changes to land management practices which promote regeneration of the natural environment while improving productivity within the region. Forests are encouraged to regenerate from in-situ seed sources and are assisted by changes in management activities including; managing stocking rates, removal or reduction of forest suppression activities and controlling feral animal populations.

Darling River Eco-Corridor projects help to offset emissions and combat climate change where growing forests capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and carbon is stored in vegetation and soil. These carbon projects also provide environmental and economic benefits for local landholders where a non-traditional income stream helps to ensure sustainability of grazing operations.

Project Co-Benefits

Through regeneration of natural forests and woodlands these projects promote biodiversity and ecosystem connectivity. The region is home to many vulnerable and threatened species of flora and fauna whose populations benefit from forest regeneration.

The flow-on effects of carbon projects in the Darling River Eco-Corridor provide far reaching economic and social value to landholders and rural communities. Income from carbon projects helps to support the local economy, providing jobs and security to towns and businesses often adversely affected by drought conditions.

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    Raphael Wood, Head of Environmental Markets, GreenCollar Group

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    0410 517 251