Don Stanley Reforestation Project

Don Stanley Reforestation Project


  • ACCUs
  • 5,000-15,000 tonnes C02-e every 5 years
  • Private Market
  • Western Australia
  • Fares Rural Pty Ltd
  • Fares Rural Pty Ltd
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About the Project

As both a forester and a successful broad acre farmer at Kalannie in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia, Don had a vision of bringing tree crops into the wheatbelt agricultural landscape. Don is recognized as one of the pioneers of tree crops in very low rainfall areas in Western Australia and we have named our first reforestation project in his honor. This project involves 1000 ha of native mallee plantings integrated into broad acre farm land in 2010 and 2011 expressly for the purposes of carbon abatement. The trees are owned by Fares Rural while the surrounding land continues to be farmed by the landholder. Both trees and mallees are growing very impressively at last inspection. We are at the stage of generating first ACCUs from this project (Apr 2017). Credits are generated on the basis of a rigorous and strictly legislated field sampling process.e

Project Co-Benefits

Native mallee eucalypts are planted through agricutural land as narrow strips (alley farming) or in carefully located block plantings. The trees play several roles as well as drawing carbon dioxide from the air – they stablise the soil and provide protection from wind erosion, provide shelter for livestock in otherwise bare paddocks, use signifcant groundwater to slow the encroach of dry land salinity, nd provide a biodiversity refuge. Almost all mallee plantings are recolonised by other native plants, animals and fungi.

  • Contact

    Dr Dan Wildy, Manager of Forests and Carbon

  • Telephone

    0458 011 599